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You know what? Finding a reliable news source today is always challenging. The frustrating part is that people today get their daily updates from social media, especially Twitter. With very limited checks and verifications, one can publish anything in Twitter. Virality takes care of the rest.

In such an environment, how do we know what we can rely on? Well, we would like to clear some of the lingering doubts by recommending a few reliable ones.These are global in nature, as most outlets today are, and have seen their representatives and employees win multiple Pulitzer awards for journalism.

The Economist

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The Economist has been for a while a reliable source for political and economic commentary. That still remains the case. With the company boating some of the best journalists, research analysts and pundits, The Economist is well worth the meagre monthly fee that they charge.

Al Jazeera

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Al Jazeera is a state funded media conglomerate and broadcaster in Qatar. They have been repeatedly rated as one of the most reliable agencies globally. Despite the general conservatism present in the Middle-East, Al Jazeera is one of the few organizations that have full liberty and independence, especially when news pieces are contentious.

Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal is not just a financial news source, but also a political and economic news outlet. The Opinion section in WSJ is probably our most favorite. They have a great team of pundits who conduct meticulous research and present unbiased views. On the financial markets category, they are the best along with the Financial Times.

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