Why we are facing a moral and ethical calamity with capitalism

Why we are facing a moral and ethical calamity with capitalism

Why we are facing a moral and ethical calamity with capitalism

Values and ethics are primary in any profession. There is obviously importance in skills, experience and grit, but today’s world demands leaders and employees who have exemplary moral standards. Capitalism has benefitted our economies tremendously, but it has come at a cost –  a general degradation of values.

Think about it. The economy is stronger than it has ever been. Incomes are at their highest. All other aspects – technological advancements, productivity, unemployment – are better than ever. Truly, we have enjoyed the fruits of capitalism. It was supposed to be the answer to improve everyone’s lives, something we used to think could be achieved only through socialism.

And yet, we have had casualties. It seems like moral values have never been at their lowest. Recently, we have had the never-ending accusations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination against the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump himself. The Me too movement has received unparalleled support.

While there is no excuse for sexual discrimination, the general degradation or humaneness can be attributed to the purest form of capitalism, where market forces determine everything. The goal of each business or corporation is to stay alive, at whatever cost. Be alive, and appease your shareholders.

Nowhere is this really true more than journalism. Journalists are supposed to have a public duty to bring to people facts in an unbiased manner. They are meant to be politically independent. Can anyone of us really say that if we look at the major media outlets in the country, be it the infamously conservative Fox News, the wannabe-leftist CNN or anyone else?

That’s why at Avot, we pride ourselves at our honesty, integrity and transparency. We have zero politically affiliated contributions, and we don’t take donations from corporations as well. We aim to conduct our business in an ethical manner, getting rid of all temptations and outside influences.

Infographic by: liberationnews.org


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