Daxbacher: “Referee must not be an alibi for our situation”

Daxbacher: “Referee must not be an alibi for our situation”

Daxbacher: “Referee must not be an alibi for our situation”

Wacker trainer Karl Daxbacher has overcome the frustration of the WAC bankruptcy, but remains with the team the day after: “That wasn’t just a penalty kick.”

Innsbruck – “Slept over it once and I’m more relaxed again”, Karl Daxbacher has already ticked off the turbulent trip to the Lavanttal again and swears himself and his team to the upcoming tasks. It didn’t stop at the resolution, the 1:3 defeat at the WAC wants to be examined once again. “Unnecessary, because we were fully on schedule after the first half and then things took their course,” the 65-year-old describes the painful roller coaster ride of feelings and his problems with referee Markus Hameter. “It wasn’t the first time that he made questionable decisions against us. I feared something like that, too.” After he had to go to the stands after a dispute with the referee, the pity of Carinthia’s provincial governor Peter Kaiser was also only a small consolation. And after the final whistle, the accumulated frustration simply had to come out: “I was completely pissed off, extremely angry and even after a day of cooling down, I still remember that it wasn’t a penalty kick. Not a clumsy attack from Rakowitz, that was no foul and certainly no penalty.”

WAC betive 640x1024 - Daxbacher: "Referee must not be an alibi for our situation"

Daxbacher does not want to strain the topic “Wacker disadvantage by the referees” any further. “The referee must not be an alibi for our situation”, he wants the focus to be on the next games. Because once again they are a trend-setter for the Black Greens. On Sunday, the Admira will be a guest at the Tivoli stadium, followed a week later by a guest appearance at the penultimate Mattersburg. Check out Betive’s promotions and bonuses!

The youngster from Tyrol is under pressure to move up against the laggards. Because ninth place with only six points and a negative goal ratio (9:14) after seven rounds is not necessarily what you expected after the ascent.

If the controversial penalty whistle was the turning point in the Lavanttal Arena, the course was set for the 3-1 success of the Wolfsberg team from a standard situation. The Wacker defence did not look good at Mario Leitgeb‘s magnificent headline-goal to Michael Liendl’s corner. By the way, not the first time with Standards.

“The season is and remains a learning process for us. We simply have to become more stable and learn the lessons from our mistakes, after all we haven’t been without a chance in any game yet,” General Manager Alfred Hörtnagl also hopes that FC Wacker will make more of its possibilities in the future.


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