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A political journal may not be an advertiser’s dream, and yet we have assembled a pool of more than 500 advertisers. They mostly involve authors, publishers and editors who produce content with political or economic themes. We are looking to expand this pool.

Due to the popular nature of such topics, we have expanded in a short period of time to have a community of about 500,000 readers. An overwhelming 90% of them are located in the United States, giving American-only advertisers a great opportunity.

We look for authenticity amongst our advertisers. You would have seen in our ‘about’ section that transparency and providing facts are vital to us. If you are in the media space, that is the one thing that will truly set you apart from competitors.

In addition to access to our readers, we provide substantial banner space and interaction opportunities with our readers. You can even promote your social media or blogs through our platform, provided the general response is positive from within our community.

Our banner spaces are available in multiple sizes such as 300×250, 336×280 and 728×90, depending on your preference. The exact banner space is not as important as the fitting of relevant content. You need to be able to miniaturize as much content as possible that appeals to your targeted audience.

Ultimately, our advertisers are our partners in this journey. We are going to be there for you if you don’t see results. Provided that your product or service is truly helpful to people, we try our best to support you.

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