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Avot is a blog about the current global political and environmental landscape. It focuses on a few key issues challenging us such as terrorism, populism and climate change. These plague nations and economies today, causing major destabilization with their far-reaching consequences.

The aim of the blog is to present an unbiased, fact based view of the world around us. It often seems like news stations and media agencies have a political agenda that significantly adds bias to their reporting. This has created a serious lack of transparency. People deserve facts to be presented straight to their faces.

Additionally, the trend of nations retreating into themselves and isolating immigrants is a major problem that needs to be addressed. The last thing we need is a divided world, especially with the threats we face. Terrorism is one of the threats that can capitalize on a divided world.

Finally, the blog aims to crush the vicious spread of conspiracy theories. Here in the United States, people have a tendency to believe in anything they see in social media. With conspiracy theorists looming abound, we feel it is our responsibility to set the facts straight.

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