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3 events around us that show the effects of climate change

3 events around us that show the effects of climate change

We all keep hearing a lot about climate change. Most of us perhaps understand the definition and concept behind this. But do we really understand its real implications on the economy, people and society? It’s likely that we don’t.

This is contentious topic nowadays, especially here in the United States.Ever since the ruling Republicans withdrew from the Paris Climate accord, there has been widespread dissent from the scientific community and the public in general. Climate change has so far been seen as a legitimate threat, with numerous scientific sources backing it.

The effects of it can be on a daily basis, all around us. The United States has a plethora of coastal regions that are susceptible to rising tides and flooding, such as areas of Florida and California. Let us in fact look at some recent events that truly illustrate the damning effects of climate change.

Florida’s aquatic life in danger

Florida has been in the news a lot when it comes to climate change effects. A specific type of algae has been causing waves of destruction to Florida’s sea life. While algae are a naturally occurring phenomena, there has been a recent increase in the algal bloom due to human induced factors. Excess nitrogen from fertilizers dumped into the ocean and through greenhouse emissions have accelerated the algal bloom, causing the death of species such as dolphins, manatees and sea turtles.

Arctic seabirds responding to changes?

Something peculiar seeming to be happening in the Arctic. The seabird population has gone through some changes due to the rising ocean temperatures. And not for the better. The Black-legged Kittiwakes, one of the common breeds found in these parts, have undergone a serious drop in population. Scientists have attributed this directly to climate change.

Adios, Californian desert birds

Heat waves in the Californian deserts have been a more gular occurrence than one would want them to be, to be quite honest. This is causing the native desert birds significant damage. A recent study conducted by the Anthropocene magazine found that there has been a 42% decline in the breed diversity. Surprise surprise, yet another casualty of rising global temperatures. After all, birds aren’t really genetically programmed to handle such rises.

To be quite honest, the effects of climate change have always been visible across the ages. In fact, in ancient Turkey, studies have found climate change effects on agriculture, especially animal husbandry and butchering. This isn’t really a new thing. It has existed for a long time.

What has changed, however, is the perception of the dangers of climate change at the very top of the political ladder. We shudder to think what the ramifications would be if seasoned political veterans chosen by us and tasked with leading the nation to its next phase blatantly neglect the issue. We sure hope it changes.

Fifth victory in fifth game: Liverpool extends winning streak

Fifth victory in fifth game: Liverpool extends winning streak

The “Reds” won the top game at the Tottenham Hotspurs with 2:1, the “Blues” were successful with 4:1 against Cardiff, Watford lost without Prödl against Manchester United with 1:2,

London – Chelsea and Liverpool have continued their top start in the English Football Premier League. The “Blues” defeated Cardiff City 4:1 in front of their own audience, the “Reds” won the hit at Tottenham with 2:1. Both teams are still at the maximum after the fifth round. Watford is no longer flawless after a 1-2 home defeat to Manchester United.

At Chelsea, Eden Hazard was outstanding, the Belgian team player was able to cheer over a triple pack (37th, 44th, 80th penalty). Willian (83) contributed the fourth goal of the Londoners, who are now in the lead due to the better goal ratio. Souleymane Bamba (16th) had brought Cardiff surprisingly into the lead. BoVegas has an amazing and modern look and feel which is why many gamers enjoy spending time on this site.

Souleymane Bamba Honours 


  • PFA Team of the Year: 2017–18 Championship
  • Leeds United Player of the Month: August 2015


Liverpool beat the “Spurs” at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,188 spectators with goals from Georginio Wijnaldum (39th) and Roberto Firmino (54th). Coach Jürgen Klopp’s squad can be happy about the best start to the season since 1990. “The performance was even better than the result. It was our best game of the season,” said Klopp. His team, which will meet Paris St. Germain in the Champions League next week, won 1:2 (93rd) by Erik Lamela in injury time. That didn’t change the fact that for the first time since the last two games of the 2015/16 season, the “Spurs” once again suffered two league defeats in a row.

Like the top duo, defending champions Manchester City are still undefeated, winning their fourth win of the season 3-0 against Fulham. Leroy Sane (2.), David Silva (21.) and Raheem Sterling (47.) made the decision.

Watford only lost points for the first time in the fifth game. Andre Gray’s goal (65th) was not enough to take any points against Manchester United. For ÖFB team player Sebastian Prödl there was once again no place, the central defender was not even in the squad of the home team. For the “Red Devils” Romelu Lukaku (35th) and Chris Smalling (38th) scored with a double shot before the break. Nemanja Matic saw the traffic light card in injury time. United, like Tottenham and Arsenal, has nine points on his account.

The “Gunners” won 2-1 away at Newcastle. A free-kick from Granit Xhaka (49th) and a goal from Mesut Özil (58th) brought the decision. Leicester City lost 2-4 at Bournemouth without former ÖFB captain Christian Fuchs sitting on the bench. Leicester finished the match tenth after a yellow-red card for Wes Morgan (69th).

Daxbacher: “Referee must not be an alibi for our situation”

Daxbacher: “Referee must not be an alibi for our situation”

Wacker trainer Karl Daxbacher has overcome the frustration of the WAC bankruptcy, but remains with the team the day after: “That wasn’t just a penalty kick.”

Innsbruck – “Slept over it once and I’m more relaxed again”, Karl Daxbacher has already ticked off the turbulent trip to the Lavanttal again and swears himself and his team to the upcoming tasks. It didn’t stop at the resolution, the 1:3 defeat at the WAC wants to be examined once again. “Unnecessary, because we were fully on schedule after the first half and then things took their course,” the 65-year-old describes the painful roller coaster ride of feelings and his problems with referee Markus Hameter. “It wasn’t the first time that he made questionable decisions against us. I feared something like that, too.” After he had to go to the stands after a dispute with the referee, the pity of Carinthia’s provincial governor Peter Kaiser was also only a small consolation. And after the final whistle, the accumulated frustration simply had to come out: “I was completely pissed off, extremely angry and even after a day of cooling down, I still remember that it wasn’t a penalty kick. Not a clumsy attack from Rakowitz, that was no foul and certainly no penalty.”

WAC betive

Daxbacher does not want to strain the topic “Wacker disadvantage by the referees” any further. “The referee must not be an alibi for our situation”, he wants the focus to be on the next games. Because once again they are a trend-setter for the Black Greens. On Sunday, the Admira will be a guest at the Tivoli stadium, followed a week later by a guest appearance at the penultimate Mattersburg. Check out Betive‘s promotions and bonuses!

The youngster from Tyrol is under pressure to move up against the laggards. Because ninth place with only six points and a negative goal ratio (9:14) after seven rounds is not necessarily what you expected after the ascent.

If the controversial penalty whistle was the turning point in the Lavanttal Arena, the course was set for the 3-1 success of the Wolfsberg team from a standard situation. The Wacker defence did not look good at Mario Leitgeb‘s magnificent headline-goal to Michael Liendl’s corner. By the way, not the first time with Standards.

“The season is and remains a learning process for us. We simply have to become more stable and learn the lessons from our mistakes, after all we haven’t been without a chance in any game yet,” General Manager Alfred Hörtnagl also hopes that FC Wacker will make more of its possibilities in the future.

Messi gala at Barca victory, Liverpool defeated PSG 3:2

Messi gala at Barca victory, Liverpool defeated PSG 3:2

With three goals, superstar Lionel Messi led FC Barcelona to a 4-0 victory over Eindhoven.

Barcelona/Milan – Lionel Messi opened the 2018/19 Champions League season with a gala on Tuesday. The Argentinian superstar led FC Barcelona to a 4-0 victory over PSV Eindhoven with three goals. FC Liverpool lost a 2-0 lead to Paris St. Germain in their first matchday hit, but won 3-2 in injury time thanks to a goal.

Atletico Madrid won AS Monaco 2-1, Inter Milan defeated Tottenham 2-1 at home with two late goals, Borussia Dortmund scored three points against Bruges after a disappointing performance and a lucky goal, while Schalke 04 had to make do with a 1-1 win against FC Porto at home.

At Camp Nou, Messi opened Barcelona’s next attempt at victory in the Champions League with a perfect free-kick into Kreuzeck (32nd). Ousmane Dembele increased to 2-0 (74th) before Messi scored two more goals (77th, 87th) and now holds 103 goals in the Champions League. He “turns something extraordinary into routine,” said coach Ernesto Valverde, whose team has been unbeaten for 27 CL home games.

Ousmane Dembele Honours 

Borussia Dortmund

  • DFB-Pokal: 2016–17 


  • La Liga: 2017–18
  • Copa del Rey: 2017–18
  • Supercopa de España: 2018


  • FIFA World Cup: 2018 


  • UNFP Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year: 2015–16 
  • UEFA Champions League Breakthrough XI: 2016
  • Bundesliga Rookie of the Season: 2016–17
  • Bundesliga Team of the Season: 2016–17 

Champions League casino bordeaux

In the Milan parallel, Tottenham looked like a sure winner for a long time. The English were leading thanks to a goal from Christian Eriksen (53rd) and seemed to have the game under control. In the finish, however, Inter turned up the heat at their comeback in the premier class after seven years. The previously harmless Mauro Icardi equalised with a superb volley (86th), Matias Vecino even beheaded the Italians to victory in the 92nd minute.

At the Anfield Road of Liverpool “Hausherr” Jürgen Klopp won the duel of the two German top coaches against Thomas Tuchel. Last season’s finalist put the French under pressure from the start and deservedly took the lead with goals scored by Daniel Sturridge per head (30th) and James Milner per penalty (36th).

Thomas Meunier (40th) gave the Parisians hope again, but the goal should have been cancelled due to an offside position of Edinson Cavani. In the final, PSG struck again thanks to his two superstars, with Kylian Mbappe equalising after Neymar (83). Liverpool, however, were rewarded, with substitute Roberto Firmino providing the deserved winning goal (92nd).

In Group C’s second match, Red Star Belgrade, who defeated Red Bull Salzburg in play-off, scored a surprising point. The Champions League debutant scored 0:0 against Italian runners-up SSC Napoli at Haues.

For Schalke, who had started the Bundesliga season with three defeats, at least a partial success on the international stage. The “royal blues” took the lead thanks to Breel Embolo (64th), who successfully completed a counterattack. Otavio equalised with a penalty kick (75th) after Moussa Marega had fallen in the penalty area after a light contact. Goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann, who had parried a penalty from Alex Telles in the 13th minute, had no chance this time. His opponent, Spain’s 37-year-old goalkeeper legend Iker Casillas, was the first player to enter his 20th Champions League season. Alessandro Schöpf played with Schalke, Guido Burgstaller was substituted in the 72nd minute. Check out Casino Bordeaux‘s review here for more details!

Dortmund, who showed a disappointing performance in Bruges, celebrated a very happy victory. The decisive goal “scored” on his 20th birthday Christian Pulisic, who was shot in the 85th minute. Until then, the BVB had hardly shown any offensive actions.

Atletico Madrid, whose home Wanda Metropolitano will host the final on 1 June, won AS Monaco 2-1 after a 1-0 deficit. Galatasaray Istanbul defeated Lok Moscow 3-0.

2 key examples that serves to quash Liberals’ indecisive stereotype

2 key examples that serves to quash Liberals’ indecisive stereotype

In the United States, we often have a term for liberals – softies. While we cherish our liberal ideologies, since they are what shaped the Western world, there is this perception at least in our country that liberals just cannot get things done. Let us see if that’s really true, shall we!

The key thing about liberals is that they aim to be politically and culturally progressive. Now, that is definitely a broad stereotype, we are aware, but for the sake of argument let’s continue with it. When you aim to be like that, which is something all of us should aspire to, you need to be empathetic and understanding.

And why is that? It is because we live in a diverse and mixed world where we have people of different races, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities and preferences within close proximity. Each person has a different emotional threshold. Empathy becomes key under these circumstances.

When you are extremely understanding, there is a big flipside. When it comes to making crunch decisions in government that influences different people in different manners, you need to have the mental toughness to take those decisions. The general perception of liberals is that they consider the effects of any decision to such an extent that they don’t even make them.

Obama’s questionable but decisive stand


Well, sorry to say that, but that isn’t true. If anything, one of the complaints against the ultra-liberal Obama administration was the questionable act of bombing people using drones. While that was intended as a counter-terrorism measure, there were significant casualties. That is not the act of an “indecisive person”.

Macron and ultra-socialist France


France recently passed a counter-terrorism bill that converts a few exceptional emergency policing powers to permanent law. Such policing powers allow cops to conduct certain operations without having necessary permits. Raids, for example. However, there is a general suspicion that this can significantly affect the Muslim community, with Muslims being the key immigrant group in France. In fact, this is a prominent recent event concerning terrorism and its deterrence.

While these two are perhaps not the best examples considering that they put liberals on a questionable spotlight, it nevertheless serves to highlight that even ultra,left leaning liberals can be decisive when it comes to issues of public interest and security. Taking decisions is the function of any government, and normally one would consider it preposterous that an entire political party is shy of that.

Why conservative ideologies shouldn’t be mistaken with conservatives

Why conservative ideologies shouldn’t be mistaken with conservatives

The next generation of American voters are going to be the youth. Unfortunately, the nation’s youth have had limited interested in politics or voting so far. With Barack Obama, that began to change for the better due to his strong influence amongst the youth and his overall “coolness” factor.

The statistics during the 2016 general election didn’t really make for good reading, with almost half the eligible population not turning up to vote. It was abysmal. The key reason behind this was nonchalance, a lack of interest in fact. This can prove to be a concern.

We often say that the citizens of a country need to be aware of the political environment in a functioning democracy. This is because only when citizens are fully aware and knowledgeable can the government be truly held accountable. If not, the government can simply get away with things.

Furthermore, being aware of the political landscape quashes stereotypes. Such stereotypes, be they about a certain political faction or racial group, are irrelevant in today’s world. One such stereotype is a general lack of trust among the youth in Conservatives.

It is important to realize the conservatives as a whole cannot be stereotyped based on a few people who are currently in power. We understand the resentment and the lack of faith among progressive youth with some of the Trump government’s policies, however it is vital to understand that an entire political group cannot be defined by the actions of a few.

The whole ideology of conservatism is linked to fiscal policies. They are fiscal conservatives, meaning that they believe in the ideology of “minimum government”. They prefer that the government stays away from the normal functioning of an economy, and involves itself only in certain occasions. Hence they typically enforce minimum tax as well as minimum spending.

That ideology of conservatism makes sense and it very much in line with Keynes’ economics, where the free market determines who rises and who falls. Other ideologies of this political group include strong national security, strict intolerance to crimes and substances, and so on. All these, in themselves, are positive ideals.

What we see today is a section of conservatives who seem to deviate slightly from such principles, and thus create a false notion of the group in general to young voters who aren’t aware of the history of conservatism. It is vital that an entire political ideology doesn’t get blemished under such circumstances.

On a final note, we would like to mention that we are neither a proponent nor an opponent of conservatism. We simply want to set the facts straight.

Infographic by:
4 recent global events concerning terrorism and populism

4 recent global events concerning terrorism and populism

Let us look at the recent activities of governments worldwide on combating issues that threaten national security. With general frustration levels rapidly rising globally, on all sides of the political spectrum, politicians and government employees have a hard time appeasing the people. They cannot afford to sit silent.

Trump and Putin come together, and it’s neither controversial nor hilarious for once

Any news piece involving Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is bound to gather the attention of all 6.7 billion people in the world, such are the state of affairs. However, for once, the two met on a more positive setting in Helsinki, Finland, on the 16th of July as part of a bilateral meeting between the two nations. They agreed to work together on mutually concerning issues such as Islamic terrorism, Syria and nuclear disarmament.

EU’s troubles with Immigration

There has been a recent spike in the immigration wave from parts of Africa to Europe. With Italy causing recent furor by entirely closing its borders to immigrants fleeing civil wars and brutality, Spain has taken up the mantle in welcoming such immigrants. The recently docked Aquarius, a rescue ship that set sail from Libya, landed in Spain, with newly elected Socialist government under Pedro Sanchez, and Portugal agreeing to bring in the immigrants.

Nigeria steps up its act

Nigeria has always had a problem with domestic terrorism. The Boko Haram has proved to be a formidable opponent in the nation. However the government has stepped up its fight against terrorism in recent years, and drew praise from the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) during its recent visit to Lagos. The government’s rescue and rehabilitation programs for women and children was also commended.

Turkey’s fall and the threat of populism

You may recall the chaotic circumstances facing Turkey, with the ultra-dictatorial Erdogan government not faring quite so well. The Lira has plummeted by about 40% since the beginning of the year, with Turkey potentially set to become the next Argentina in the financial landscape. Turkey doesn’t seem to be about to get any respite, with Trump exerting his populist ideology by planning to double the tariffs on key Turkish imports.

That’s it for today’s edition. This in itself is a lot to digest, with countries still learning on a daily basis to effectively combat the rise of such things as populism, terrorism and anti-immigration. Let’s hope they pick up the pace.

The pros and cons of the 2003 Iraq War for the United States

The pros and cons of the 2003 Iraq War for the United States

There has been so much controversy over the Iraq war. One can even say that even Presidents have been sacked over the inefficiency in dealing with the scenario. With a lot of false information spreading, we have decided to write an excerpt on this topic.

Let us set the context first. One can never say that it was 100% right or 100% wrong. There were some elements that were right and some that were wrong. To make a case in extremes is plain folly. I believe that the intention was more or less in the right place, both from the United States and the United Kingdom.


Saddam Hussein was one of the most brutal dictators the world had ever seen. His methods employed led to complete destruction of lives. There was also a threat of spillage, that the civil war within Iraq and radical elements would spill over to the West. Anti-war activists would say that beyond that, oil was a key motivator for the United States to enter the war.

While Saddam was eventually dethroned, it came at a huge cost, as all Americans know. The casualty of the Iraq War was hitherto unheard of, and led to anger and resentment among all Western nations. It also came up that Saddam was never really a threat to the national security of the United States, and that he resented Al Qaeda as much as we did.


Furthermore, the Republicans never seemed to have a clear strategy on how to handle the situation post the dethronement of Saddam. A clear exit strategy is crucial in war to ensure that there is no instability created. Not only was there no exit strategy, but one can almost argue that we left Iraq in a worse shape than before.

There have been, and still are, debates in the United Kingdom as well as to as the pretense of the nation in entering the war. Tony Blair’s political and ministerial demise can be attributed to this. Again, the information about Saddam’s threat to the west was misread.

Think of nations that recovered after major wars, Germany and Japan being prime examples. Unfortunately, Iraq didn’t have the skill or the resources to make such a turnaround. Some even attribute the rise of ISIS to the Iraq war, although such things can never be attributed to one single event.

Ultimately, I would say that only about 10-15% of the execution was handled correctly by George W Bush and the Republicans. They managed to get rid of Saddam, but ended up creating financial and political collateral damages for themselves.

Why we can’t employ conventional strategies to combat ISIS

Why we can’t employ conventional strategies to combat ISIS

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. One of the greatest threats to world peace and order as it exists today. Not since the peak of Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 has there been such a damning threat to us. And if it seems like ISIS is following the same error-strewn path, you need to think twice.

There is a global alliance at war against ISIS. In fact, it is the only thing that unites each and every single nation in the face of the Earth. While significant traction has been made in this fight, the threat still looms. We haven’t managed to eradicate this disease entirely.

There is a reason behind that. ISIS, unlike its predecessors, operates in a much different manner that makes it hard to get rid of. Unlike previous terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban, ISIS operates more shrewdly, in the sense that they don’t directly involve themselves in all their crusades.

Perhaps the greatest achievement (an unfortunate word in this case, but nevertheless true) of the organization is how it has been able to spread its message, vile as it may be, convincingly to a global mass. Its followers have been radicalized to such extents even without ISIS directly involving themselves. Key to this is their effective use of social media.

Social media has taken over the world, that alone is hard to refute. ISIS has managed to weave its web of influence effectively through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, spreading their message to remote audiences worldwide. They aren’t as conventional and stuck-up as their predecessors, and focus on recruiting a global army.

Due to their operations online, it is hard to entirely pin them down. Freedom of speech and expression is highly valued in the West, and any accusations made can be countered. Nowadays, there is much more of a strict policing on social media, and any communications captured with suspected ISIS members can lead to prosecution.

The point of the article is to recognize the difference in strategies ISIS employs, and why it matters. Only when we truly understand their strengths and weaknesses can we deploy a counter-strategy. In this case, the social media usage implies that governments need to have enhanced security measures to track down suspicious profiles and communication channels.

Combating terrorism today requires a strategic shift in thinking. Conventional strategies will not work anymore. And ISIS knows that.

Why immigration and terrorism shouldn’t be linked to each other

Why immigration and terrorism shouldn’t be linked to each other

When did this sense of protectionism and nationalism claw back into our worlds? For the last two decades, we have enjoyed the outcome of globalization and seen diversity bloom in nations. Immigration has benefitted the global economy tremendously.

And yet, there is a wave of change happening for the negative. Promoters of globalization and diversity such as the United States, United Kingdom and Germany are witnessing nationalist and populist sentiments in large measures. There is a lot of negative public perception on immigrants.


Far-right parties such as Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Germany, Freedom party (PVV) in Holland and factions of our very own Conservative party here in the United States have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. They are openly anti-immigrant and Islamophobic. Even someone as powerful and popular as Angela Merkel has faced scrutiny and vilification from such strata of the society.

In times like these, the responsibility falls on media, be it online or offline, to ensure civility and decency. As an advocate of openness and freedom of speech, the media cannot simply ignore the far-right, but can play an active role in making people aware of reality. And the reality is that immigration is not the cause of national threats such as terrorism.


You may have seen a lot of these statistics that point out the likelihood by being killed by an immigrant when compared to many other causes, some of them even ridiculous. Immigrants are mostly peace-loving, hard-working people who have contributed significantly to our economy. Deep down inside, most of us know this to be true.

At Avot, we recognize the reality of it, that issues threatening national security and governance such as terrorism and climate change boil down to the irresponsible acts of a small section of the society. Unfortunately, this small section is able to cause large-scale destruction to the rest of us, thus giving rise to stereotypes. It is vital we grasp this fact.

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